Thursday, March 26, 2009

Oh the songs he sings.... (Elton John that is)

I was listening to the radio and heard this Elton John song. No, it's not a new song nor is it one I hadn't heard, but the words hit me in ways like it never has before... probably better with the melody to listen to but...

Hey you, you're a child in my head
You haven't walked yet
Your first words have yet to be said
But I swear you'll be blessed

I know you're still just a dream
your eyes might be green
Or the bluest that I've ever seen
Anyway you'll be blessed

And you, you'll be blessed
You'll have the best
I promise you that
I'll pick a star from the sky
Pull your name from a hat
I promise you that, promise you that, promise you that
You'll be blessed

I need you before I'm too old
To have and to hold
To walk with you and watch you grow
And know that you're blessed

1 comment:

  1. I can't imagine loving anyone the way I love you and Jason, but everyone says that you will love your childrens'children as much, and I'm starting to believe that is the truth! I couldn't love her more if she were my own. I feel like I already know her, I hope she feels the same. So happy and proud to be a grandmother.