Friday, May 8, 2009


Well, finally, she has arrived!! (And finally a new blog entry as arrived as well)

Yes after many months of waiting (and many hours of labor) Cory Marie Pilgrim was delivered via cesarean section on April 29, 2009. She has completely changed my life and I cannot imagine it without her now! Everyday she does something new and different and I can see her personality shaping! I don't think you know true love until you have a child, it's something you can't describe and truly unmeasurable.

She's not only changed my life but she has grabbed ahold of her grandparents hearts and hasn't let go. I love to watch my parents hold her and see the love they have for her. It's amazing the love and joy a baby can bring to a family. My brother and sister in law can only see her via web cam, but it will have to do for now! I can't wait to have my brother see her and hold her. I know she will love him endlessly and he will be the greatest uncle ever!!

Not only am I a mother this year, I will always be an aunt too! I cannot wait to see my brother's child and love him/her too!! I have a feeling Cory and I will take a lot of trips to Las Angeles to visit. I can just see those two babies walking barefoot on the beach together, playing and laughing. I cannot wait! These are such exciting times for our family and hopfully just the beginning!

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