Friday, May 15, 2009

How Sweet it is to be loved by you....

How wonderful to be a mother... To see her big deep blue eyes staring at me is the best thing in the world. I find myelf living to see her grin... trying so hard to do anything to make her smile at me!! Her oooooo face when she has gas and her yawn and cries make me laugh! I don't know if she has the capacity to LOVE someone yet or just knows she needs me for survival but there's no doubt how I feel about her! My house is now filled with swings, bouncers, tubs, bassinets, bottles and breast pump accessories haha!! It is so crazy how a life can change overnight!


  1. She knows the love from your touch, from your nuturing, from your voice and your beating heart she hears when she is near your breast~when you can comfort her by simply holding her-she has the capacity. We all are so in love with her~and you...thanks for the gift.

  2. congrats! I cannot wait to hold that baby girl. Happy Mother's Day (a little late). I am so very excited for you all. And I know that granny and gramps are going to spoil Cory so much she will be rotten, don't ya love it! :) Hugs to you all.

  3. What? spoil Cory? Whatever do you mean? Just because I RUSH to her house the minute my work day has ended to watch her sleep, or fuss or even cry! Everything she does is beautiful to me. My heart is bursting with love for my brave daughter who carried and delivered this sweet bundle and who will love and protect her all the days of her life. This baby is an answered prayer and a ray of bright beautiful sunshine - I love you both!